Slurry and sewage water tanks

Enamel tanks for slurry and sewage water are intended for the storage of the cattle and pig liquid excretions or to hold waste waters with the density up to 1,060 kg/m³.

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The tanks are open or covered. The bottoms are welded from steel, treated with a a protective coating, or made of impermeable concrete, and the casing is sealed using a special seal. The tank is fitted with a DN 700 inspection opening, an outlet branch, an overflow pipe, and an outlet ladder with a platform to service a submerged agitator. The tanks are filled using a sludge pump via a steel piping connected to the tank from the top.

Homogenization of the stored medium

Homogenization of the stored medium is ensured by using a submerged agitator. The maximum level is controlled by the overflow pipe and indicated either optically or acoustically.

Tanks are drained using gravity. The tanks are re-pumped to a storage sump or directly to the mobile containers. In recent years, emphasis is put on lowering the negative impact of the agriculture on the environment. The protection of environment becomes an important condition of the further development in the agriculture area.

The advantages of these tanks include in particular the following:

  • fast assembly
  • possibility of installation in hard to reach spas (e.g. cellars)
  • surface protection duration
  • fast disposal in the event of the system decommissioning
  • reusability

 Our tanks will satisfy all the customer requirements.

Inspection and reconstruction

We are a successor of the Vítkovice manufacturer of tanks; thus we are able to ensure any reconstruction of the original tanks.

Repairing the old Vítkovice tanks

With use of our production project documents of the original tanks, we are able to ensure the safety of the works carried out and to ensure a suitability of the planned reconstruction. We as a traditional producer of enamelled tanks are offering inspections of the existing tanks and assessment of their current technical conditions with respect to their further utilization with the specific type of the liquid and their expected lifetime.


  • assessment of the current technical conditions of tanks
  • information on the expected lifetime of tanks
  • assessment of the options and proposals of the further utilization of tanks
  • recommendation of suitability of tanks for storage of the specific media
  • complete reconstruction

Based on many years of experience, we will propose the best solution for the possible repairs or reconstructions to extend the tank lifetime.

Suitable tank types

Tank types suitable for slurry and sewage water storage


Enamel tanks

Above ground bolted tanks assembled from steel plates with the enamel coating

France EGSB reactor and CT tank SS  Aptunion in city APT Fr (1).jpg

Stainless steel tanks

The above ground bolted tanks are assembled from the stainless steel sheets with a possibility of choosing from two types of SS (AISI 304, AISI 316) More
10.Kędzierzyn-Koźle PL.jpg

Epoxy-coated steel tanks

Epoxy coated steel tanks are made from steel sheets with a special plastic powder coating


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