Enamel Tanks

Above ground bolted tanks assembled from steel plates with the enamel coating have been manufactures under the WITKOWITZ brand since 1966. We are one of the best companies manufacturing and installing the bolted enamelled tanks. The enamelled tanks demonstrate a high resistance against chemicals and elements.

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Above ground tanks

Enamelled tanks contain the impermeable layers thanks to enamel protection coating. These layers isolate the metal from the aggressive environment. Our complete production is driven by the customer requirements. We have got the experience in a wide range of enamel coatings of metal sheets with a various thickness.

Enamel technology

Enamel is a compact, smooth coating of the silicate glass melted down in a thin layer on both sides of the metal sheet surface. The above ground enamelled tanks have been manufactured in our company since 1966.

Tank enamelling

Enamelling is a form of an anti-corrosion protection of metal surfaces. The enamel protection consists in creation of an impermeable continuous layer, which isolates the metal from the aggressive environment. Thus the enamelled tanks demonstrate a high resistance against climate conditions and a high chemical resistance against the impacts of stored materials. |Enamel coating is created by an application of the material on the metal sheet and burning it in a furnace at the temperature higher than 800 °C, which results in a vitreous, highly resistant coating layer.

The tanks contain two layers of enamel. Due to this, our enamelled tanks are reaching the highest level of the anti-corrosion protection and their lifetime is above standard. We are offering highly chemically resistant enamel as well as enamel intended for the contact with drinking water and food.

Non-toxicity is declared by certificates carried out by accredited labs; the health inspection is continuously performed during the production. To ensure the quality of the manufactured products, we have implemented the system of quality management according to ISO 9001, certified by RW TŰV company.

Advantages of enamelled tanks

  • excellent anti-corrosion properties of enamel
  • Proven long service life of tanks
  • high abrasion resistance and resistance to chemicals
  • variability of structural design
  • fast construction implementation
  • small built up area and low weight

We have many years of experience in installations around the world, including extreme conditions. This allows us to address the requirements of individual customers.


Enamelled tanks and solos are widely utilized in the industry, agriculture and water management as the containers for bulk materials or liquids.

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Bulk materials

We implement a product series of enamel storage tanks for bulk materials

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We implement a product series of storage tanks for liquids

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We procuce product series intended for the agriculture

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Water management

We procuce product series intended for the water management


Inspection and reconstruction

As a traditional manufacturer of enamelled tanks, we offer the inspection services for the existing tanks.

Tank inspection and reconstruction

With use of our production project documents of the original tanks, we are able to ensure the safety of the works carried out and to ensure a suitability of the planned reconstruction. We as a traditional producer of enamelled tanks are offering inspections of the existing tanks and assessment of their current technical conditions with respect to their further utilization with the specific type of the liquid and their expected lifetime.


  • assessment of the current technical conditions of tanks
  • information on the expected lifetime of tanks
  • assessment of the options and proposals of the further utilization of tanks
  • recommendation of suitability of tanks for storage of the specific media
  • complete reconstruction

Based on many years of experience, we are able to provide assembly jobs around the world. We will propose the best solution for the possible repairs or reconstructions to extend the tank lifetime.

Our reference examples

We have been manufacturing and delivering tanks around the world for more than 50 years. We pride ourselves on many references; you can see our tanks almost on all continents.

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