Liquid and mineral fertilizer storage areas

Our tanks for liquid and mineral fertilizers are unique in the world. The development and production of the technological units for large-scale storage of aggressive substances represent the top of the WITKOWITZ ENVI production.

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The first deliveries of the enamelled tanks were directed to the agriculture sector for the purpose of the storage of agricultural products - in particular grain, silage and haylage. During several years, this technology has proven practically as the only alternative comparable to the more expensive stainless steel tanks.

Complete implementation of fertilizer storages

We are supplying the liquid fertilizer storage systems based on the customer requirements with the automated withdrawal control, with the fertilizer storage registration option, and with the option of mixing various fertilizer types.

WITKOWITZ ENVI storages for liquid fertilizers

These tanks are intended for the storage of liquid fertilizers with the density lower than 1,400 kg/m³. The tank is equipped with an enamel roof. The bottom is made of welded steel with a protective coating.

The lower part of the shelter is fitted with a DN 700 inspection input and a socket for the connection of the drain piping. The bottom is equipped with a blowdown pipe. An overflow pipe is connected to the upper part of the shell.

The tank is fitted with an access ladder and a service platform. Enamelled tanks for the storage of fertilizers with the density up to 1,400 kg/m³ may be used also for the storage of potable or fire water after some modifications. The tank bottom may be also made of the impermeable concrete.

Containers for the storage of DAM-type fertilizers

1,000 m3 / 12 m / 7 rows
820 m3 / 10.29 m / 7 rows
480 m3 / 8.56 m / 6 rows


Complex solutions of technological units

Based on the customer's requirements, we supply liquid fertilizer warehouses with automatic control of the process of dispensing, fertilizer storage including records and the possibility of mixing various types of fertilizers.

Design activities

  • our own team of experienced design engineers
  • proposals of technological units (WTP, BGS, SLMF)
  • manufacturing documentation of new tanks and steel structures
  • preparation of technical-economical studies within the investment construction
  • proposals of technical unit reconstructions
  • implementations around he world

Assembly works

  • own assembly and production capacities
  • know-how for the assembly / disassembly of all the technological units
  • many years of experience
  • references and implementations around he world

Tank inspection and reconstruction

  • assessment of the current technical conditions of tanks
  • information on the expected lifetime of tanks
  • assessment of the options and proposals of the further utilization of tanks
  • recommendation of suitability of tanks for storage of the specific media
  • complete reconstruction

Our reference examples

Warehouses for liquid fertilizers are realized on continents all over the world.

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