The road to the region’s energy transformation: WITKOWITZ ENVI and The Moravia-Silesian Energy Center have signed a memorandum to collaborate.


Sustainability and innovation represent key pillars for modernized companies, as does the need for the entire society to adapt and embrace ecological change. This change is the basis of a new memorandum, dated May 20th, 2021, teaming Moravia-Silesian Energy Center with WITKOWITZ ENVI.

The subject of this collaboration will be the exchange of knowledge regarding effective storage of bio gas and bio methane. Our activity is the result of output and recommendations stemming from a case study on phasing out the burning of coal for energy in the Moravia-Silesian Region and the development of a modern, energy infrastructure to enable the transfer to low-emission technology. This collaboration will further improve future environmental conditions in the region.

“Our company is providing support to the region in the area of effective use of bio gas and bio methane as an energy source acquired from organic waste,” comments Adam Liška, General Director and Chairman of the Board at WITKOWITZ ENVI, adding that the processing of organic waste will also be supplemented with technology from the field of industrial waste, sludge terminals and bio methane plants.

According to Rostislav Rožnovský, Director of Moravia-Silesian Energy Center, the goal of this collaboration is the sharing of knowledge in a field which WITKOWITZ ENVI offers a vast amount of experience: “Our cooperation will be directed towards supporting companies active in energy and industry and assisting in the transfer to low-emission technology, focusing on waste water treatment as an alternative for both the public and industrial sectors and incorporating agricultural and industrial bio gas stations for processing organic waste. Last but not least, we will endeavor to partner with public energy providers and the energy community to modernize energy practices in the Moravia-Silesian Region,” explains Rožnovský.

As touched on by Adam Liška, the subject of this agreement resolves some key questions for the near future. “We see this memorandum as a step in the right direction.” According to Mr. Liška, it is not only a question of the reactions of individual branches on the necessity for an energy transformation, but also a societal trend that will soon become the norm. The data speaks clearly – The International Energy Agency published their prognosis this year for slowing global warming and keeping rising temperatures to 1.5 °C, annually. Based on their most recent data, consumption of fossil fuels will rapidly decrease after 2021, as hydro, solar and bio gas energy use increases.

“We realize these are lofty goals and the road ahead is a long one. But we are not too worried, as this strategic memorandum allows us to rely on one another and face the coming challenges together,” concludes Liška.

WITKOWITZ ENVI is an Ostrava production-engineering company and member of the WITKOWITZ group, with many years’ experience with these technologies. WITKOWITZ ENVI processes bio gas and bio methane in its’ production and the application of its’ technology as a whole in the form of bio gas stations. Aside from this activity, the company specializes in waste water treatment, liquid fertilizer storage tanks and tanks for the industrial and drinking water sectors – all provided in complex projects from design to production and assembly, including revisions and remodeling.

The Moravia-Silesian Energy Center is a contributory organization subsidized by the Moravia-Silesian Region with many years of experience in providing professional consultations in the field of energy, energy services, energy management, clean mobility and developing a smart region for the Regional Office.