WITKOWITZ ENVI Expansion in Africa Continues


WITKOWITZ ENVI a.s., a Vitkovice manufacturer specializing in wastewater treatment tanks, bio gas stations and fertilizer warehouses, is expanding its portfolio with new projects in Africa. Increasing demand of their products is a testament to WITKOWITZ ENVI’s commitment to development in ecological standards. The company is backed by excellent references ensuring they will be difficult to compete with.

The WITKOWITZ brand has a tradition spanning 190 years; reason alone to be proud and worthy of recognition. This Vitkovice juggernaut is not, however, resting on its laurels, nor is it content riding the coattails of its history. All-out effort is placed in the present and future, the quality of their products and their ecological perspective. The strategy has clearly paid dividends, apparent in the rising demand for their products and partnership opportunities abroad. This year, several new potential partnerships are on the horizon in yet more African countries.

“Our goal is to aid the people of Africa in finding the best possible solution for a given situation. Whether it be communal, as in Tunisia where we are currently building a wastewater treatment plant to lower salmonella levels in that region, or for the private sector where treated wastewater from rivers has drastically improved in quality. Some examples of where we are making a difference this year include Ivory Coast, Uganda or our newest project in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” comments Adam Liška, WITKOWITZ ENVI Director, on current events in Africa.

As stated, the company’s foundation stands on its corporate strategy and understanding clients’ needs. WITKOWITZ ENVI’s team of experts combine their experience with modern technology to provide timely solutions with longevity to their African partners, as well as in other countries around the world. Evidence that their strategy is working can be seen in recently completed projects in Maychew in Ethiopia, Annaba in Algeria or Abidjan in Ivory Coast. The company has also left a positive footprint in recent years in Uganda, Libya, and Nigeria.

WITKOWITZ ENVI Sales Director, Petr Kutěj adds:

“We have already built 9 steel enameled tanks at a wastewater treatment plant for Raya Brewery in Maychew, Ethiopia. Maychew is at an altitude 2,480 meters above sea level, so conditions were far from standard. But results were excellent and we’re very proud. We have also delivered and installed tanks of 120m3, 1,056m3 and 2,406m3 for another stable business partner in Algeria resolving wastewater resulting from their own production. We are currently assembling another enameled tank in Uganda for storing drinking water. In cooperation with another stable partner, we have even installed a long list of applications relevant to wastewater treatment in Libya, where the political situation is often unstable. We are also very pleased about a new project in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where we are collaborating in the building of a new wastewater treatment plant for a local brewery.”

Another item of interest is the strong ties WITKOWITZ ENVI has developed with African partners through the employing and training of local residents. A mutual agreement had already been in place bringing in global experts from WITKOWITZ ENVI to train staff in assembly and this agreement has proven successful. A similar ‘international mix” is now being employed in other countries beyond the borders of Africa.

WITKOWITZ ENVI Director, Adam Liška, emphasizes interest in ecology and life in Africa, in general:

“In countries with lower than average incomes, and especially true for countries in Africa, water levels, and quality, are not sustainable. Water is a basic element for ensuring nutrition, health, survival, commercial development and economic growth. Without water there is no life. One in three inhabitants in Africa lacks the basic essentials. This situation is a threat to population growth, economic development, urbanization, demographics and climate change. We help our African partners decontaminate water and improve hygienic conditions for life. And, obviously, many dangerous diseases are also transmitted through contaminated water.”

WITKOWITZ ENVI is, therefore, not just your average ordinary partner, but an essential element in improving quality of life. The production of technology aiding in making the world a cleaner place has not gone unnoticed in Africa.

“We are very pleased and thankful for the trust displayed by our clients and partners when we jointly fulfill the vision we constantly share: conclude projects that aid in properly treating wastewater. Last but not least, we aim to deliver more modern technological projects for drinking water. We are certainly not indifferent when it comes to life in Africa,” concludes WITKOWITZ ENVI Director, Adam Liška.