Bulk materials

Building on our program of storage tanks, we implement a product series of enamel storage tanks for bulk materials.


Tanks for salt and brine

We implement a production series of enamel storage silos for salt and brine


Tanks for bulk materials

Steel enamel coated containers for bulk materials, which do not create arch, are built of an enamel casing and a roof. The bottom part consists of a supporting structure with a conical painted steel hopper.

The quality enamelled metal sheet is resistant against aggressive chemical and abrasive loading.

Unloading methods:

  • using gravity from a conical hopper to an unloading conveyor or directly to mobile containers.
  • if a sufficient underpass clearance of the container is not available the enamel casing of the container is seated on a concrete base and the hopper is suspended inside the casing.


As a traditional manufacturer of enamelled tanks, we offer the inspection services for the existing tanks, as well as the installation and design activities.

Based on many years of experience, we are always proposing the best solution to meet the customer requirements.

Design activities

  • our own team of experienced design engineers
  • proposals of technological units (WTP, BGS, SLMF)
  • manufacturing documentation of new tanks and steel structures
  • preparation of technical-economical studies within the investment construction
  • proposals of technical unit reconstructions
  • implementations around he world

Assembly works

  • own assembly and production capacities
  • know-how for the assembly / disassembly of all the technological units
  • many years of experience
  • references and implementations around the world

Inspection and reconstruction

  • assessment of the current technical conditions of tanks
  • information on the expected lifetime of tanks
  • assessment of the options and proposals of the further utilization of tanks
  • recommendation of suitability of tanks for storage of the specific media
  • complete reconstruction

Our reference examples

We have been manufacturing and delivering tanks around the world for more than 50 years. We pride ourselves on many references; you can see our tanks almost on all continents.

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